Field hopping in Germany

One does not always need to prepare the entire route precisely, as long as one has a access to AIP documents, weather briefings and NOTAMs. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the time as well, especially if you have to be back before a certain time (before the end of UDP, for example, or before the place you rent your airplane from closes).

Airports we planned to visit:

  • EDLX Wesel Roemerwardt
  • EDLY Borken-Hoxfeld Airfield
  • EDLS Stadtlohn-Vreden


Airports we ended up visiting:

  • EDLD Dinslaken Schwarze Heide
  • EDLM Marl-Loehmühle
  • EDLB Borkenberge
  • EDLT Münster-Telgte
  • EDLS Stadtlohn-Vreden