Stadtlohn-Vreden back to Hilversum

Flight info 18-08-2022 DEP/EDLS ARR/EHHV PH-TCM 0:50 hrs 67 NM RMK/field hopping in Germany

Leg 6: EDLS Stadtlohn-Vreden to EHHV Hilversum

Average ground speed: 94 kt (a bit less slow)
Maximum ground speed: 109 kt

Due to the unforeseen circumstance of Hilversum being closed for a while, we’d fallen a bit behind on our schedule. However, that was easily solved.

“Stay on 2500 ft and fly 280.”

Fifteen minutes later, my not-yet-licensed-but-very-good-at-controlling-airplanes-from-various-places co-pilot was still flying 280 at 2500 ft. Nice! All I had to do was look outside and periodically check the engine instruments.