Münster-Telgte to Stadtlohn-Vreden

Flight info 18-08-2022 DEP/EDLT ARR/EDLS PH-TCM 0:35 hrs 40 NM RMK/field hopping in Germany

Leg 5: EDLT Münster-Telgte to EDLS Stadtlohn-Vreden

Average ground speed: 86 kt (slow)
Maximum ground speed: 104 kt

Stadtlohn is one of my favorite airports in Germany, because of the atmosphere and because I have a lot of great memories there. It was really great to stop by there and share my joy of visiting the place.

On a funny note: Stadtlohn was the first airport of the day where we had really planned to go to. All the other ones were made up on the fly! So this is the part of the day where we returned to our initial plan. At the final stop-over before returning to Hilversum. The irony, no? When flying, you never know how you end up where. Some wise advice: in your log book, never fill in the destination column until you’re on the ground rubber first.

Another bit of good news, we got word from Hilversum that they had reopened, so we could fly back home.