Hello! I’m Kee (or Kay). I got my PPL in May of 2022.

In April 2021 I decided I wanted to learn to fly. I set out to find a flight school. Over the summer, I visited several. Vliegschool Hilversum stood out to me, so I decided to enrol.

I made a plan. Learning to fly is expensive, even if ‘only’ a PPL. Consider over 40 hours of flying lessons, seven theory exams, a radio telephony course and the necessary certificate, a language assessment, and a Class 2 medical. 

To pay for my flying lessons, I worked alongside my studies. I made schedules at university and I worked as a secretary. Mostly from home, due to the restrictions imposed at that time. Being able to work from home is the very reason I managed to work enough to be able to fly. I am still very thankful for that opportunity. 🙂

September until May

In September of 2021, I had my very first flying lesson. Nearly every Friday, you could find me in Hilversum. I enjoyed every second of it! Unfortunately, winter soon came around, which meant a lot of cancelled lessons either due to weather or due to poor runway conditions. Hilversum locals will know what I’m talking about. 🙁

Some cancelled lessons later, I flew my first solo on January 21st, 2022, at Teuge airport. 

Afterwards, as the weather cleared up and the runways became less soggy, it was a smooth ride until my PPL exam. I flew my exam exactly four months after my first solo, on May 21st.

EHHV and EHRD as home base

I feel very much at home both at Vliegschool Hilversum as well as at Vliegclub Rotterdam. I fly from both airfields. In Hilversum, I fly a Tecnam P2002JF. In Rotterdam, I fly Robin DR40s. I like flying both uncontrolled and controlled, it helps me maintain spatial awareness and airmanship.

How about now?

In December of 2022, I got my NQ. This means I am allowed to land after UDP, if the weather permits. I chose to get my NQ because it gives me some extra flexibility during the winter, when the sun sets ridiculously early (yes, opinion, but hey, can’t help it). 

My main goal however, isn’t flying at night necessarily. 😀 It’s to gain as much general aviation experience as I can and enjoy every moment. I want to visit as many airports as I possibly can, gotta see ’em all! 😉 The world is beautiful from above, and I am amazed that I get to see it!

To many beautiful flights and happy landings!