Marl-Loemühle to Borkenberge

Flight info 18-08-2022 DEP/EDLM ARR/EDLB PH-TCM 0:25 hrs 18 NM RMK/field hopping in Germany

Leg 3: EDLM Marl-Loemühle to EDLB Borkenberge

Average ground speed: 84 kt (very slow)
Maximum ground speed: 107 kt

This was an even shorter flight than the previous one, only 18 NM. Not the slowest one, though. The slowest one was the previous flight. 81 kt average ground speed, holy moly!


Where one of us had a very long (friendly) conversation with the old guys in the tower who were eating cake, or tart, or something that looked like it. The guys kindly informed us that our next destination (EDLY) was closed. They then spoke about a lot of other random things, which yours truly cannot relay to you as said individual is not the one who was involved in the conversation.

The other of the two of us does not speak German (at all, I might add) so stood there quietly watching, filing a flight plan for EDLS back to Hilversum. And trying to figure out what the conversation was about (failed).

In hindsight, apparently, the one of us who does not speak German had been somewhat included in the conversation. But did not get that part at all. I mean – flight plans require attention, no? 🤣 Or perhaps I should take some more German classes. I know three words: gegenanflug, queranflug and endanflug!