Hilversum to Dinslaken Schwarze Heide

Flight info 18-08-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EDLD PH-TCM 1:10 hrs 09 NM RMK/field hopping in Germany

The plan was (this is relevant for later, I tell you) to fly from EHHV Hilversum to EDLX Wesel-Römerwardt, then to EDLY Borken-Hoxfeld, then to EDLS Stadtlohn-Vreden and then back to Hilversum.

Now for what we ended up flying. It was quite different from the plan, I do tell you.

Leg 1: EHHV Hilversum to EDLD Dinslaken Schwarze Heide

Average ground speed: 99 kt (normal)
Maximum ground speed: 112 kt

Though we originally planned to head to EDLX Wesel-Römerwardt, we ended up landing at EDLD Dinslaken Schwarze Heide, because EDLX was closed and we had filed EDLD as alternate.

After a nice flight, almost entirely flown with a paper navigation plan (you judge for yourself how that went, blue line and magenta line in the last photo, or rather mostly invisible magenta line because the blue line covers it up nicely).