Dinslaken Schwarze Heide to Marl-Loemühle

Flight info 18-08-2022 DEP/EDLD ARR/EDLM PH-TCM 0:25 hrs 20 NM RMK/field hopping in Germany

Leg 2: EDLD Dinslaken Schwarze Heide to EDLM Marl-Loemühle

Average ground speed: 81 kt (slowest)
Maximum ground speed: 102 kt

Unplanned, spontaneous hop to EDLM, where we spent more time circuit flying than we did in cruise flight.

The flight was so short that we decided we needed to make a descending 270 to get to circuit altitude.

It was also a case of:
“We’re supposed to be on downwind now, but do you see the field?”
“Me neither.”
“Oh, behind those trees!”
“Ah yes, thanks.” *turns base*

Landed on runway 25. Also, this was the slowest flight of all of them, with an average ground speed of 81 kt.