Namur / Suarlée to Saint Hubert (the civil one)

Flight info 08-06-2023 DEP/EBNM ARR/EBSH PH-SVU 0:40 hrs 50 NM RMK/day trip to Belgium

Saint Hubert (the civil airfield) is situated on top of a hill, which means the runways are also following the roundness of the hill. They’ve got eight runways (did not know there could be a field with more runways than Hilversum, but hey). There’s also intense glider activity.

When we landed, they started taking in the gliders because rain showers were approaching. We waited for them to stop while having a cup of coffee. The showers also contained some thunder, so it was better to wait for them to go.

Saint Hubert also has a couple of holding points to help pilots cross the runways safely: A, B, C and D. Each one is located next to where the runways cross. The people in the tower will instruct you how to taxi back to the active runway.