Brustem to Namur

Flight info 08-06-2023 DEP/EBST ARR/EBNM PH-SVU 0:30 hrs 32 NM RMK/day trip to Belgium

We left Brustem to the west and headed for Namur, where we enjoyed a nice lunch. It wasn’t busy at Namur today. Only one motorglider doing some touch-and-goes, and one other plane who made a low pass.

The runway has a slope, something that’s good to be aware of.

Oh and… when we taxied in, we both asked ourselves why all those Cessnas were tied down. It was a calm day, right?

Well, no thirty minutes later a helicopter landed right between all the Cessnas. Seeing how they were dancing around with all the helicopter’s wake turbulence, we now did understand why they were tied down.