Merville-Calonne to Saint Omer Wizernes

Flight info 25-07-2022 DEP/LFQT ARR/LFQN PH-SVT 0:15 hrs 20 NM RMK/day trip to France

Flight 12 out of 14
Landed on runway 27

LFQN, Saint Omer, where on final with a lot of gusty winds one flies over a cemetery, making one very, very, very aware of one’s own mortality. Especially because after the views of the cemetery, you fly over some trees. Runway 09/27 isn’t that long either, only 597 meters.

On the nice side: there was a dog. And a French flag, which was happily doing it’s thing in the quite present winds. Oh: and it was raining, too. Can’t have good weather all day, yes?