Spa-La Sauvenière to Balen Keiheuvel

Flight info 08-06-2023 DEP/EBSP ARR/EBKH PH-SVU 0:45 hrs 63 NM RMK/day trip to Belgium

From Spa we flew to Balen / Keiheuvel. Originally, we planned to visit Genk / Zwartberg first, but we did not hear anybody on the radio and were unsure of whether the field was closed or not, so we passed by the airfield.

In Balen, there was some activity, so we landed on the grass strip. We filed a flight plan back home to Rotterdam and had a brief drink.

Balen is certainly a place to come back to, because the terrace is really nice, and I can only imagine there’s a lot to see when visiting it during the weekend. A lot of glider planers were stored away in their trailers, now. When they all come out, it gets busy!