Saint Hubert to Spa-La Sauvenière

Flight info 08-06-2023 DEP/EBSH ARR/EBSP PH-SVU 0:35 hrs 40 NM RMK/day trip to Belgium

Spa is by far one of the coolest airfields I’ve been to so far! Downwind is on a whopping 2800 ft and when turning downwind, you can’t see the runway yet. A big, white-yellow construction on the hill will tell you where downwind is, though.

Nothing in Spa is level. Chocks are mandatory, and for good reason. Perhaps you remember that when you learn to drive a stick-shift car, you have to learn how to not make it roll backwards when you want to drive when you stand on a hill (hellingproef)? Well, in Spa you need to do this with a plane as well.

Lots of gusty winds coming over the hills as well, which makes for challenging flying, but really fun to do!