Rotterdam to Hoevenen

Flight info 08-06-2023 DEP/EHRD ARR/EBHN PH-SVU 0:40 hrs 51 NM RMK/day trip to Belgium

We departed Rotterdam runway 06 on a Romeo departure, then flying south crossing the (today active) Woensdrecht CTR. It’s the first time I flew through an active military CTR in the Netherlands. 😃 At the same time, a helicopter traveling to Oostwold was also crossing, but we never did see him.

Hoevenen is located really close to Antwerp, but not quite in the CTR. The circuit altitude is just over 1000 ft, which is interesting, because the circuit is located over the Antwerp harbor, which in itself has a danger area up to 1000 ft. 

We then landed on runway 33 in Hoevenen, enjoying a short break to fill in the arrivals book and pay the landing fee (cash in envelope, note down your callsign), and off we were to the next destination!