First night flight as PIC

Flight info 17-01-2023 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-SPZ 1:05 hrs 82 NM RMK/none

Tonight was one of the nicest evenings since a lot of rainy days. It seemed that nearly the entire Dutch GA community was flying tonight! And they were right: seemingly endless visibility, only 6 kts of wind on the ground, and few clouds at 4000 feet. 

So, I did what I had promised a while ago: take my friend flying! All previous flying plans we made were cancelled already, due to bad weather. Luckily this evening we go to go!

We took the PH-SPZ, readied it, listened to the ATIS, requested start-up, taxied to 24, missed V4 because it is unlit, shamefully requested V5, which was approved, and then we took off. 😀

Our route was a Romeo departure, then to Dordrecht, on to follow the highway to Utrecht. We then turned left, towards Woerden. I wanted to do a 360 because I could (need no better reasoning, ya?) but due to another airplane flying towards us, I decided to make the 360 into an S-turn instead.

We then entered over Mike, flew to the Euromast, completed two turns and flew back to the field for landing on 24.