Ferrying the PH-SPZ to Zeeland for maintenance

Flight info 29-07-2022 DEP/EHMZ ARR/EHRD PH-SPZ 1:05 hrs 52 NM RMK/none

A brief summary of the day:

  • Car ride to EHRD
  • One maybe illegal train ride from Delft to Rotterdam
  • A very full bus from EHRD to the city center
  • A one and a half hour train ride
  • No trains to Arnemuiden, so, a 5km walk from Middelburg
  • Arnemuiden has no airport (correct) so another 5km walk
  • Tosti with pineapple
  • Two touch-and-goes (need more doellanding practice)
  • Some steep turns
  • Flying back (or, not flying, whatever you may call stall practice)
  • One 360 over Papa
  • An uneventful landing
  • Spaghetti