Amiens-Glisy to Albert Bray

Flight info 25-07-2022 DEP/LFAY ARR/LFAQ PH-SVT 0:20 hrs 21 NM RMK/day trip to France

Flight 8 out of 14
Landed on runway 27

LFAQ, Albert Bray, a somewhat unscheduled stop as we needed to get fuel. In the Netherlands we need a flight plan to land at an airport inside a CTR, but in France one does not. Very relaxed! I forgot to mention they ask a thousand questions, but they do not care what you do in between entering the CTR and landing.

“Cleared to enter, report field in sight.”
“Field in sight, PVT.”
“Report lefthand downwind 27.”
“Call you downwind.”
“PVT is downwind.”
“Report final.”
“Call you final.”
“PVT is final.”
“Cleared to land runway 27.”

(We were the only one there.)

We got fuel at the Echo apron, from a very large fuel truck! Yes, this Robin really does fly on Jet A-1, we are rather sure.