Calais Marck to Rotterdam

Flight info 25-07-2022 DEP/LFAC ARR/EHRD PH-SVT 1:00 hrs 123 NM RMK/day trip to France

Flight 14 out of 14
Landed on runway 24

The longest flight of all of them: a full hour. Along the coast, through the Koksijde CTR (which I must add, was not active) and through the Oostende CTR. Having crossed the Belgium-Dutch border again, we were in familiar waters (…airs? …winds?), flying past Midden-Zeeland (EHMZ) to Rotterdam. Being rather done sitting in an airplane all day, we asked for entry over Oud-Beijerland.

What an adventure!

One more noteworthy thing: so much tailwind we managed to get a groundspeed of 142 kt at some point! I suppose that explains how we got back to Rotterdam so quickly.