Grimbergen-Lint to Saint-Ghislain

Flight info 25-07-2022 DEP/EBGB ARR/EBSG PH-SVT 0:35 hrs 54 NM RMK/day trip to France

Flight 2 out of 14
Landed on runway 27

EBSG is a small airport in French-speaking Belgium located right next to a highway and some industrial areas, which made it rather hard to find (even though it is a paved runway). The runway is 640 meters, which does not make it the longest one around. Another fun thing were the birds that decided it a good idea to start foraging at the end of runway 27. However, this was something we safely solved by doing a short-field take-off!

Another cool thing: between Grimbergen and Saint-Ghislain you find the Chièvres CTR, courtesy of Chièvres Airfield (no surprise so far). However, Chièvres Airfield (EBCV) is an American military base, which means upon crossing the CTR, we spoke to a very, very, very American voice on the radio. Kind of cool to hear in Europe!