VSH trip: Koblenz-Winningen to Dahlemer Binz

Flight info 30-05-2022 DEP/EDRK ARR/EDKV PH-VHA 2:00 hrs 176 NM RMK/VSH day trip to Germany

“Have you ever flown through a valley?”


“Do you want to?”

“Hell yes.”

“Well then, dive down this one.”

^ Highlight one of this flight!

Highlight two was that I got to make some real steep turns (always fun to do)!

Highlight number three was that I returned to the airport where in June of 2019, I had my very first flying lesson in the PH-SVU. This was EDKV, Dahlemer Binz, and I think it’s really cool I’ve got it in my log book again!