Qualifying X-country: Texel to Hilversum

Flight info 29-04-2022 DEP/EHTX ARR/EHHV PH-VHA 0:55 hrs 72 NM RMK/grote driehoek

Leg 3: Texel to Hilversum

Having flown two flights already, it was great that the route from Texel to Hilversum is rather simple. That is, I did not need a paper chart nor SkyDemon to tell me where I could and could not fly or where I should go to fly home. Truly VFR, huh?

It was a short flight, shorter than the last two at least! I had planned my flights well, so I had plenty of time to get back. Since there was not much to do in Texel, I decided there was no harm in flying back a little early and enjoying a coffee back in Hilversum. And so that is what I did!

Short flight, quite uneventful. Enjoyed the view, tried to trim so perfectly that I could sit in the plane with my arms crossed (sounds boring but that’s fun to do, it’s always a challenge to get the trim just right). If you can make a tiny, tiny airplane, very susceptible to wind, feel like it’s got an autopilot, you’ve done a good job trimming it. Ha.

Now off to finish the rest of my flying lessons. It feels strange – I’m almost done!