King's Day navigation over Gouda, Dordrecht, Ede

Flight info 27-04-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHHV PH-VHA 1:25 hrs 113 NM RMK/navigation practice

Today is April 27th, 2022. Not only is it two days before my qualifying cross-country solo, but it is also King’s Day. I don’t think I need any more reasons to embark on a short navigation practice flight, to make sure I can prepare a paper navigation plan and follow its lead in the air.

Besides, it is King’s Day: the day the Netherlands turns orange! I am no fan of big crowds, so I much prefer practicing my 360s over some city centers (always above 1000 feet, no worries there) and admire the orange King’s Day markets and celebrations.

My route brought me from Hilversum to Woerden, then to Gouda where I completed two 360s over the central market. In Gouda I had an audience (my parents) watching me there (see picture five of the Instagram post), which made the flight even more special.

After Gouda I proceeded towards Dordrecht, where I noticed that taking a central point of a large city one hasn’t flown over before is not a really good idea, as I got lost briefly. However, I soon regained my bearings and found a more appropriate waypoint (for future reference: one of the bridges).

I then followed the river eastwards, continuing all the way to Geldermalsen. I then turned northeast towards Ede, before turning northwest to Amersfoort and then back to the airfield.

Before joining the circuit, I had to do a quick 360 over left for spacing, as another plane was just about to join the circuit as well. 

After joining the circuit I did one touch-and-go and one full stop landing, both of which I deemed satisfactory. I decided to stop at highest point of performance and return to the parking place.

Today’s weather was exceptional, the visibility seemingly endless. These are the flights I enjoy most, seeing the landscape pass by, enjoying the bright colors of the green fields, blue skies and white clouds.