Touch-and-goes in Rotterdam

Flight info 11-01-2024 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-SVT 0:20 and 0:40 hrs 51 NM RMK/two flights

We wanted to fly to Texel.

We did not fly to Texel.


Uh, terrible weather everywhere except for south of Rotterdam. But it wasn’t good enough to have fun flying around anyways, so I suggested we do some touch-and-goes since I had two passengers who are very interested in the technicalities of flying, but do not wish to learn to fly themselves due to their age.

We preflighted the airplane, everything was good. Except, it was fully loaded with fuel. So much that I could not take two passengers at the same time – we’d go over MTOW (maximum take-off weight).


Two flights.

It was even better, because now both passengers could sit in the front to experience the touch-and-goes.

In total we did eight, quite some of them in a busy (500 ft) circuit and with Transavia landing and taking off while we were in the circuit.

It’ll never be not cool to be flying final 06 and seeing a big airplane waiting at V1 knowing “it’s got to wait for me to land”.