Land of Maas and Waal

Flight info 10-01-2024 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-SVT 1:20 hrs 115 NM RMK/rivierenrondje

Today I had a special passenger in the back: a geographer! It’s quite nice to fly with people with very specific interests and fields of work, because they all look at flying in a different way.

The geographer was very interested in the Dutch river landscape, especially since he did not grow up here. To fulfil his wish of seeing the Dutch rivers, we left Rotterdam via Ridderkerk, flew over Dordrecht, then down to the Waal which we followed until a little bit past Tiel.

We then turned left (using a 270 degrees turn over right of course, because why make the route simple if you can make it more fun) and followed the Maas back to Rotterdam.

Especially memorable was the quite significant flooding of both rivers. All the floodplains were filled with excessive rain water from further inland. A joy to see!

Oh, and since it’s been really, really cold the past few days, I must say I was very happy to enjoy the sunshine from behind the cozy glass of the airplane. No cold wind, nothing. Just nice, warm sun in my face and a great view.