January night flight

Flight info 08-01-2024 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-SVT 0:55 hrs 64 NM RMK/great company

Having not flown a single minute in December of 2023, my first flight of 2024 was one in the dark!

Glad I was still current on my three landings in the past ninety days. My last night flight had also been more recent than ninety days, so I was good there as well.

I took with me two people from Vliegschool Hilversum. Hilversum is… well, invisible at night, so no night flying there. But Rotterdam is illuminated and the airfield has lamps aplenty, so to fly we just need good VFR weather and an airplane with working lamps.

We had both of these, so up we went!