Sunset flying

Flight info 28-02-2023 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-HLR 1:05 hrs 79 NM RMK/none

Well, technically we didn’t either, as the sun had already set before we took off. However, it was still light, so you can see the world turn dark on our photos!

I think photo numver 2 is my favorite one. 🌇

Our route went to Delft, then along the beach, south of the Schiphol CTR with lots of planes flying overhead, then back to Rotterdam, entering the CTR over Kinderdijk. We followed the river, saw the city, and landed back on 06.

There, I discovered the following:

  • The DR40 has its taxi light in its left wing (this I knew)
  • When landing 06, the yellow taxi line will be on the right side of the runway center line
  • Therefore, it is impossible to see said line and the unlit exit V4 when taxiing in the middle of the runway
  • When landing 06 in the dark in a small plane, I will from now on taxi right of the center line so I can at least see where to get off the runway 🤓


Fun experience! 😎