Landing no. 300 in the books!

Flight info 11-02-2023 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHTX PH-VHA 2:05 hrs 158 NM RMK/touch-and-goes

At the start of today I had 295 landings. My goal was for that number to rise to a nice and round three hundred today. Where can you do cheap touch-and-goes? Texel!

It was also the first time my dad joined a flight on the Tecnam, so he flew it to Texel (there was no straight flying, it was fun!) and then I did three touch-and-goes and a full stop.

That was landing number 299.

The De Bruin family had snacks in the little area below the tower, so we both had a soft drink and a snack, before we departed.

Back on Hilversum grass, I made my 300th landing, nicely on the perfo, as requested by the tower. 😄

I’ve now got 130 hours and over 7500 NM of flying. 

On another note: today’s flight was also necessary for Tecnam currency. My last flight on a Tecnam was December 3rd, 2022. Nearing VSH’s 90 day limit. Yet another reason why a couple of touch-and-goes weren’t a bad idea at all!

Hopefully I’ll be able to do a lot more night flying and visit a couple new airports in 2023 as well! Plans are in the works… let’s see how they turn out!