Got my NQ!

Flight info 06-12-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHLE PH-NSC 2:05 hrs 159 NM RMK/none

Tonight’s weather was so-so. Some showers, but plenty of open spots. We took the PH-NSC, capable of IFR, so we had the option of returning to Rotterdam IFR should the weather deteriorate.

We flew to Lelystad, because there I had to do five solo stop-and-goes. It is one of the requirements for getting a night qualification. Before I was let go solo, we did two circuits just to get into the feel of night flying again, since seeing depth is much more difficult. Focusing on the end of the runway to ensure a correct flare is more important than ever!

Luckily, the weather held up, and we were able to return to Rotterdam VFR after all. 

I completed all the requirements for the night qualification now! Submitted the papers, what is left is just waiting for KIWA now to print me a new license!

To many nice night flights! 😀