Flying to Teuge with many a weather type

Flight info 22-10-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHTE PH-TCM 2:15 hrs 159 NM RMK/none

I think today I’ve seen a lot of different types of weather. We started off our Hilversum – Teuge flight with clouds at around 1300 ft, rather low.

As we flew east, we risked flying into a large shower. Hence, I decided to turn around and fly south. Since the wind was coming from the South, this meant we could turn around any time the weather turned bad and still make it home to Hilversum.

After flying around for a while, the weather got a bit better, and we made it to Teuge.

I originally planned to fly some circuits there, but being unsure of how the weather would progress, I decided to turn around and fly back to Hilversum.

Of course, when you bring an umbrella, it doesn’t rain, and when you bring sunglasses, the sun doesn’t come out. The weather cleared up significantly, and I managed to do some circuits (with low passes, and touch-and-goes not allowed) in Hilversum.

It was an educational flight. Not so much for the flying part, but for the watch-the-weather-and-see-what-it-does (and make sure you have a place to land).