Video preparations for the Victor Romeo Formation

Flight info 19-10-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHMZ PH-SVT 1:35 hrs 139 NM RMK/none

This Wednesday afternoon I flew with Sem. Sem is an aspiring videographer building his portfolio and he contacted the Victor Romeo Formation asking if he could make a video showing the VRF’s story. A mutually-beneficial agreement: Sem gets to build his portfolio, and the formation gets a video!

However, as formation flying is not an everyday thing, we decided it is a good idea to go on a trial flight with one airplane first. This had two reasons: first, it was to see what Sem could and could not capture with his camera. Second, when flying as a passenger, especially when flying in the back, one might get sick when performing maneuvers. To check how well Sem could handle the flying maneuvers while looking through the camera, we did some turns and some 360s.

We were all rather content with the outcome and so we landed in Zeeland. One of my flying friends rode along to do some circuit flying and practice some landings, so that was next on our agenda.

He flew three circuits. With such nice weather and wind from 090 (straight on the nose, as EHMZ has RWY 09) the circuit was busy, with four airplanes flying around at the same time. It required serious attention to who was where, which was good practice as well.

We then flew back to Rotterdam with Sem in the front seat enjoying the flight (rather than in the back, working hard to capture everything). He hasn’t got any flying lessons yet, but he managed to keep the plane nicely level at 1500 ft until we returned to Rotterdam, after which we followed the river to Euromast and Papa.

All together, a very enjoyable day of flying. Very necessary too, since my last flight was nearly a month ago.