Practicing circuit flying at Seppe

Flight info 15-09-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHSE PH-HLR 1:40 hrs 116 NM RMK/none

An afternoon flight to Seppe to practice some circuits. With the wind being 310 with 10 knots, it made for good practice on runways 24 at EHRD and EHSE.

At take-off, the wind was a little gusty. Nothing to worry about, but something to take into consideration. It is good to realize the effect of gusts and have a little extra focus. Up high, it was relatively calm flying. We left Rotterdam over Romeo, reading straight to Seppe.

After landing at EHSE, we took off again for two more touch-and-goes before we headed back to Rotterdam via Maassluis, river, Euromast, and Papa.

On our way back to Rotterdam, we got treated to the sunset sun peeking through the cloud cover. Fantastic!