Night VFR lesson #1

Flight info 13-09-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-SVT 1:05 hrs ?? NM RMK/none

I want to get my night VFR qualification (NQ) this winter, because it will give me some extra freedom to fly in the afternoon during the winter, as I will be allowed to land after UDP. Furthermore, it will provide me with some extra insights regarding VFR flying, as flying in the dark requires some extra equipment (flashlight) and some extra considerations (45 minutes of diversion fuel, fewer airports to divert to, nearly impossible to find a landing spot in an emergency).

Some take-aways from night VFR lesson 1:

  • You never, ever, ever go below the PAPI, because you don’t know what’s there
  • You never, ever, ever leave the yellow line, because you may very well lose it altogether once you’re off, and you’ll get lost and taxi into the grass (if you’re lucky) or into something hard (if you’re unlucky)
  • When you are flying over a place with very few lights, and you only see two, these will create a false horizon, so be careful, and keep an eye on your artificial horizon