Sunset flight at 4500 feet

Flight info 26-08-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-HLR 1:15 hrs 102 NM RMK/none

Today, we went out for a sunset flight, while UDP still permits. We were lucky, there was a cloud layer with enough gaps for us to fly straight through, all the way up to 4500 feet. 

Flying VFR, one doesn’t often get to fly above the clouds. But with enough gaps to always go back down and a clear horizon, it is awesome to fly over, under, around and about the clouds. If airspace allows, I’ll always take the opportunity to go up and see the clouds from above.

Up high we also did some slow-flight. Even though one always does this when flying circuits, it’s also good to sometimes practice it in another situation. Make some shallow turns, check how slow the plane can actually fly before it stalls. It’s good to have a feeling for this, to get better at recognizing stalls should they ever happen close to the ground. 

To finish off the flight, we did some 30 degree turns and some 45 degree turns, just because they are really, really fun to do!