Teuge to Hilversum

Flight info 13-08-2022 DEP/EHTE ARR/EHHV PH-NSC 0:35 hrs 63 NM RMK/family visits

Hilversum was an impromptu stop-over because we wanted to have dinner, and we were quite certain of the existence of a restaurant next to the airfield here.

Photo 1: The traditional photo with the airplane and the tower of the field (photo-or-didn’t-happen-style)

Photo 2: The plane I fly in with my dad next to one of the planes I learned to fly in, I think that is very, very, very cool! A little bit special, too!

Photo 3: After dinner, because I wanted to cherish the moment of being a visitor at my home base.

It felt even more awesome to take off from Hilversum afterwards. So familiar because of the many lessons, but also a new experience because I had never visited Hilversum with a Robin before.