Rotterdam to Drachten

Flight info 13-08-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHDR PH-NSC 1:15 hrs 105 NM RMK/family visits

At 8:50 local time, with a 9:00 flight plan, we set off to EHDR Drachten, a small airfield in Friesland. One is not allowed to land on runway 07, but we judged the 5kt tailwind we’d have when landing on runway 25 to be acceptable, and so we did. We were allowed to take off from runway 07 though!

My first tailwind landing. That’s also something, yes?

(I do not recommend tailwind landings, they add significant ground roll. Please be careful!)

Also, since it was so early, the air was still smooth. No turbulence, so it was a very smooth 1:15 hr ride all the way up North. The total distance measured 105 NM.