Hilversum to Rotterdam

Flight info 13-08-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHRD PH-NSC 0:35 hrs 38 NM RMK/family visits

The final flight of today (with me as PIC, so not too many awesome pictures, one has different priorities flying in a CTR).

Cool to fly between Hilversum and Rotterdam. I don’t do it often. We took off from runway 12, formerly known as 13 (thank you, magnetic variation).

After the Rotterdam Mike arrival we crossed in the middle for a lefthand downwind 06, behind a landing TUI airplane an in front of a KLM aircraft (probably Transavia in disguise though).

Wake turbulence is no joke, so a 360 over right it was. After that, I put it down nicely just on the threshold of 06, vacating at V3 with hardly any breaking. Feels nice!

Back to Lima. Administration time, I flew 2:05 hours today (air time only). Then off to get dessert (ice cream at McDonald’s, naturally) and then back home for a very needed shower. Thirty-three degrees! 😅

Awesome day!