Hoogeveen to Teuge

Flight info 13-08-2022 DEP/EHHO ARR/EHTE PH-NSC 0:35 hrs 63 NM RMK/family visits

This chapter of my book is called: ‘I forgot to file PPR’.

(Have a look at the route to see why.)
(Yes, stupid that I forgot.)
(Yes, I absolutely read the AIP.)
(Apparently not closely enough.)
(Yes, I learned my lesson.)
(Now I hope someone else can have a laugh at my expense because I certainly did.)

So the plan was to fly from EHHO to EHTW Twente (where I have been before). But somehow I could not find what looked like the original PPR text and thus figured they had removed the PPR. So we decided to go to Teuge instead.

And so that is how a flight from EHHO to EHTE became 63 NM.