Drachten to Oostwold

Flight info 13-08-2022 DEP/EHDR ARR/EHOW PH-NSC 0:25 hrs 39 NM RMK/family visits

A short flight over (no, not through) the Eelde CTR.

“Eelde Approach, PH-NSC.”
“PSC, go ahead.”
“PSC is a DR40, VFR from Drachten to Oostwold, two POB, on your frequency to pass over the Eelde CTR.”
“Roger, you may also go through the CTR.”
“No thanks, it’s cooler up here.”
“Alright, QNH 1018.”

😁 Yes, it was very warm. And this was only flight number two of the day.

In Oostwold, we had a couple of glasses of ice tea with two of my aunts! What a ridiculous luxury: living in the Netherlands, a tiny, tiny country, and being able to fly out to see family. But I wouldn’t want it any other way!