Delft, beach, big runways (EHAM), small runways (EHHV), hot air balloons

Flight info 05-08-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-SVU 1:25 hrs 130 NM RMK/klok kaart buiten

Klok, kaart, buiten.

With a perfectly worked out navigation plan (wind: 10 knots from 330) we flew about a hundred NM around Schiphol.

Taking off from runway 24 with a full 90 degree crosswind (wind 9 knots gusting 14), we managed to maintain the centerline until the end of the runway. We then made an early right turn out to Delft, following the highway. A 360 over Delft at 1500 ft and then to the beach.

Along the beach, we waved hello to all evening beach goers and enjoyed the beautiful views until IJmuiden, after which we flew to Marken and did another 360 over the lighthouse ‘t Paard.

A turn South, keeping the Loosdrechtse Plassen to our right and Hilversum airfield to our left (can you spot it on one of the photos?) all the way down to another highway intersection.

We then turned West, following A12 to Rotterdam. Around Gouda, we stayed well clear of two hot air balloons. We turned left timely to enter the Rotterdam CTR over Mike and fly Euromast – Papa to the field.

No other VFR traffic (the only other traffic was two large airplanes just departing) so we did a glide-in from 1500 ft. Really fun to do!

What about klok, kaart, buiten? Well, our goal was to fly this route with only paper navigation aids. Of course we brought along SkyDemon for backup, but we did not intend to use it (and did not). A nice achievement, I will say.

We also flew quite fast, with a maximum recorded ground speed of 133 knots, almost 250 kilometers per hour.