Hilversum to Arnsberg-Menden

Flight info 30-07-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EDLA PH-TCM 2:35 hrs 254 NM RMK/none

A 130 NM flight to Sauerland, beautiful weather, lots of things to see!

Arnsberg-Menden (EDLA) is small airfield with a very nice restaurant next to it. The € 7 landing fee was awesome (yahoo, Germany!) Sloping runway, also am interesting experience!

As for the photo of the Lifeliner? Well – it almost blew us away upon landing, so it left quite the impression on me. Nice guys though! They made sure we could taxi out before we would be blown away again.

Our alternate was Wesel (EDLX), which we overflew. A small grass strip next to the river. A great destination for a next flight into the German lands!

And also – can you spot my mascot Madame Pitot?