Most enthusiastic passenger ever?

Flight info 24-07-2022 DEP/EHHV VIA/EHAL ARR/EHTX PH-TCM 3:05 hrs 218 NM RMK/navigation

SkyDemon is a nice helpful tool, but sometimes it is a good idea to make a paper navigation plan. Lucky me, today I flew with a friend who had done nearly all necessary flight preparation (under my watchful eye, naturally) except calling Vliegschool Hilversum to ask them to fuel the plane completely. How nice!

Even better: the navigation plan worked out perfectly, and we enjoyed a wonderful flight to Ameland. Due to wind from – if I remember correctly – direction 220, the flight to Texel took a bit longer (our average groundspeed was 65 kt and our maximum groundspeed was 79 kt) but it gave us time to look out for seals (which were not there).

Also, since it was weekend, Texel weekend procedures were applicable, so today marks the first time I did a straight in at Texel. In fact, it was my very first straight in ever!