To Eelde and back

Flight info 16-07-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHGG PH-HLR 2:40 hrs 199 NM RMK/none

(Some are very adamant to put Eelde there. Some aren’t. Let’s do both. Since you know, the airport technically isn’t even located in the province of Groningen, but in Drenthe.)

Unlimited visibility! Isn’t that lovely. A bit bouncy, I’m glad somebody invented seat belts at some point.

Our route led us along Flevoland, to Elburg, Zwolle, Meppel, Assen and then for a Romeo arrival at EHGG. Quite some crosswind (but nothing impossible): 10 knots.

“Make it a long field landing and vacate at Sierra 1.”

And that is how we flew halfway down the runway, which was fun to do! Also, EHGG airport staff are very nice. We got a lovely cup of coffee before returning to Hilversum.

Our route back led us out via X-ray (though we still don’t know what would be point Papa). We then flew West towards Drachten (EHDR) and concluded it is a very nice looking airport (at least from 3000 ft up, it is). Another trip may bring us there some later day. 

On the way back we had the joy of looking at a lot of windmills. A lot, no joke. But hey, what do you want, flying over Flevoland? 🙂