Flying through the Rotterdam CTR - my fist crossing

Flight info 07-06-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHHV PH-VHA 1:20 hrs 110 NM RMK/none


Runway 25, wind slightly from the right. No other aircraft in the circuit. Took off uneventfully and left the circuit, then headed towards the coast.


Runway changed to 31, did not notice any crosswind. Landed a bit further down the runway than I would have liked, but it is no matter. There were however two aircraft landing in front of me one of which turned final so late that I had to fly a longer downwind than I should have.

Perhaps I should have done a 360 before joining the circuit, but when joining downwind I estimated both planes in front of me would be well out of my way and allow me to fly a normal circuit.

I did not fly over any noise-sensitive areas, though, and landed safely.


Flew at 1000-1100 feet due to a part of the Schiphol CTR that I did not want to accidentally end up in. Maintaining that altitude was a bit of a challenge due to the thermals, but once over the sea there was no turbulence at all.

I then switched from Amsterdam Info to Rotterdam Tower to ask for a CTR crossing. Route: Waterweg – Euromast – Mike. I was granted this crossing and so I entered the CTR.

Near approaching I heard another plane passing Romeo. Both of us were at the same altitude so I took the opportunity to ask for two 360s over Euromast to make sure I would not encounter him. Besides, who doesn’t want to fly circles over the Euromast?

I left over Mike and returned home, flying via Gouda and Woerden, then around Utrecht and back into the circuit.