VSH trip: Dahlemer Binz to Aachen-Merzbrück

Flight info 30-05-2022 DEP/EDKV ARR/EDKA PH-VHA 0:35 hrs 33 NM RMK/VSH day trip to Germany

Tiny, short flight, only 33 NM. Nonetheless, if was fun! And funny, too. Provided to you by German airport staff (whoever says Germans aren’t funny is lying).

“PH-VHA, request aerodrome information please.”

“What information?”

“Eh, runway in use and circuit?”

“Runway in use is 25, QNH is 1014.”

Apparently that caused our fellow plane’s occupants to laugh uncontrollably too.

Good memories, good memories. Good flying, too. Dang, I am so lucky!