To Seppe and Midden-Zeeland

Flight info 26-05-2022 DEP/EHRD VIA/EHSE ARR/EHMZ PH-HLR 1:10 hrs 111 NM RMK/none

Notes on flying Robin for the first time:

  • Diesel engine reacts a bit slower
  • Constant speed prop that changes pitch on its own accord is something to get used to, too
  • Mechanical flaps are not as ‘graceful’ as electric ones, but they are much faster and thus more practical
  • Brakes linked to the rudder pedals is frequently seen, but I hadn’t used it yet, so taxiing was a bit of a challenge at first

But the weather was also quite sporty, gusty, a lot of wind. One could touch down with 80 knots and be holding position upon touching the ground.

It is also noteworthy to say that I landed on two airfields I hadn’t been to before: Midden-Zeeland and Seppe.