Pre-license test day

Flight info 17-05-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHHV PH-VHA 1:30 hrs 114 NM RMK/none

This day started off interestingly, as I was treated to the grand sight of a Pilatus PC12 which somehow managed to land at Hilversum (only 600 meters of runway, I remind you). Awesome to see such a large aircraft in Hilversum, as the biggest one I had seen so far was a Cessna Caravan.

For my pre-license test I prepared a route to Antwerp and neatly flew my waypoints until Gorinchem. About halfway through I thought the radio was very, very quiet. Turns out it was accidentally switched off. Glad it was not broken!

For a PPL exam you need to be able to calculate a diversion on the fly (no pun intended) and so this time I had to devise a diversion to Rotterdam. Looking at my right, I saw a highway. Looked on my map, concluded that highway must lead to Romeo, one of Rotterdam’s VFR reporting points. Easy diversion, follow the highway to Romeo and land at Rotterdam!

More emergency landing practice, until 500 feet (I am not allowed to go any lower). Then off to practice steep turns and stalls. Both are fun to do! Steep turns especially, though I must remind myself a steep turn is 45 degrees bank, not 60.

Rejoined the circuit at Hilversum for some landing practice. Always fun to do, especially the flapless landing. Note: high angle of attack, 60 knots, normal glide slope. Though be prepared to use brakes, especially when practicing flapless landings on a day without wind.