Propless PH-VSY and EHRD from Tango

Flight info 15-05-2022 DEP/EHRD ARR/EHRD PH-NSC 0:40 hrs ?? NM RMK/Victor Romeo Formation

Today I flew as a passenger. Hence, the most interesting take-away from this flight is not one from the perspective of a pilot in command. Nonetheless, every moment one spends around airplanes provides a learning opportunity, and thus I shall take this one too.

A few days ago, the PH-VSY had a little accident. Someone started its engine while the towbar was still attached to the front wheel. This damaged the propeller and possibly the engine itself as well.

At the time that I write this (June 6th, 2022), the PH-VSY is still grounded. All because its propeller had to be sent to the maintenance company to have it checked. If such a simple mistake as forgetting to detach the towbar can lead to a plane being grounded for this long, one must be exceptionally careful around airplanes. They may be sturdy and able to withstand a lot, but they are also very vulnerable.

Besides, it is only fair to say, forgetting to detach the tow bar can happen to any of us, right? A simple lapse of memory, with significant consequences.

Duly noted.

Yours truly,