Friday the 13th: broken radio & final lesson

Flight info 13-05-2022 DEP/EHHV ARR/EHHV PH-TCM 1:25 hrs 111 NM RMK/none

Friday the 13th. Some may say it unlucky. I say it ironic. For the very reason that something broke (or was broken, rather) today. Upon starting the plane, we could not get the radio to work. Luckily, it was only a minor ailment, fixed in only two minutes, and we were on our way for my very final flying lesson (hopefully, that is).

As you may be able to see by the photo on Instagram (or rather lack thereof, you can only see the route), it was quite a busy flight.

After taking off from runway 25 and leaving the circuit I did a little bit of navigation. Then, I got the assignment to divert to Teuge. I did make a mistake there, I saw a highway intersection and thought it was a different one. Had I not noticed, my diversion would not have been correct. After a little bit I figured it out and returned to the correct intersection, from which I showed I could calculate a heading towards Teuge.

Then, it was time for some rate one turns. First left-hand, then right-hand. I believe I completed one of the turns in 55 seconds. Provided that half a turn should take a minute, I think that rather neat (especially in the turbulent weather that was today).

Time for stalls. Note: when practicing approach to stall in landing configuration, do not be too quickly in pulling back the power, then the stick to lose speed, then all flaps down. Be a bit slow, otherwise everything happens at once and it is not a controlled stall.

Noted for the exam!

Emergency landings:
Went all right, though I am sorry for laughing so much when we hit a gigantic bump of turbulence and we both hit our heads. It was funny!

Steep turns:
Need to be neater. Though they went better than during my progress test.

Circuit training:
Touch-and-goes allowed, but only on the hardened part. So: short field landing! Or: doellanding (my favorite), they went wel!

I for sure am going to miss flying lessons. Though after getting my license, I can fly whenever I want, wherever I want!